Twinstar Announced the Release of Kronos 3 Vanilla Classic WoW Server

Twinstar announced their official release of the Kronos 3 Warcrat Server. Kronos 3 is a legacy server. The players will once again experience World of Warcraft as it was more than 13 years. They had very nice success with their former Kronos I & II servers.

Legacy servers become popular because they allow players to experience the older versions of the game: Vanilla Classic WoW (first version), The Burning Crusade (second version), Wrath of the Lich King (third version), The Cataclysm (fourth version), Mists of Pandaria (fifth version), Warlords of Draenor (sixth version), Legion (seventh version) in spite of the upcoming “Battle for Azeroth” release.

The Classic version is know as the most hard version of the game. People were required to gather 40 guildies in order to raid the Molten Core, Black Wing Lair, AQ and the old Naxxramas. It took even a month to reach the highest level 60, and even months after that to gear it up with the epic tiers from the 40 man raids.

Take a look on this 3 hour long video of Kronos 2 guild raiding the Molten Core:

Players experiencing the Vanilla version will find themselves struggling for gold, as they can barely keep up with the spell and training costs while leveling, while acquiring a level 40 60% mount is considered gigantic tasks.

However, there are certain type of websites which can really make your life easier. These websites often sell mounts and other items like flasks, potions, powerleveling and even already leveled to 60 accounts. From all of these websites, V7Gaming, is the most prominent one selling Gold for Kronos 3. Make sure you pay them a visit!